Sooner or later, every educational institution will need to deal with the failure of a planner, the need for a new planner or the need for training and support for a current planning system. Our schedulers and educational planners have comprehensive expertise with all common software packages, including Xedule, Syllabus+, Untis, TermTime, TimeEdit and Zermelo. They are involved in the full planning process and are capable of translating the knowledge and experience that they possess into a high-quality schedule. They not only take care of the work that they are commissioned to do, but focus on structural improvements to the process. If they identify opportunities for improvement, they will propose them and put them into practice.

Our schedulers and educational planners work for YourPlannerz. They undergo training and coaching and are trained by Senz Interim to become full-fledged schedulers and educational planners. The end of the programme does not mean the end of collaboration. Schedulers and educational planners can always rely on the team at Senz Interim and YourPlannerz for added knowledge and expertise.

Need additional capacity, whether temporarily or in the long term? Do you have a vacancy that you need to fill quickly? Or perhaps you need assistance with planner recruitment and selection? See the YourPlannerz website for further information and get in touch!

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