Functional management

In view of constant changes to the needs of users and management, information streams, applications and systems are in a constant state of flux. The functional managers at Senz Interim have the skills and competences needed to carefully map the preferences and needs of users and can translate this information to the applications and IT used within your educational institution. They are the link between stakeholders and correctly anticipate development, change and user preferences.

The functional managers at Senz Interim work to a vision that holds that applications are there to serve their users, and not the other way around.

Senz Interim can provide support with the following:

  • Compiling an implementation plan
  • Supporting or leading the implementation of new applications
  • Maintaining the configuration and user functions of the the applications
  • Implementing changes to the infrastructure of applications
  • Testing new functionalities
  • Amending and outlining processes and work instructions
  • Training and coaching users

Does your educational institution need temporary or long-term support? Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about the options. We do not offer standard programmes, but deliver high-quality bespoke support.

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