Business Intelligence

Are you looking for a structured way in which to use the data that are available within your educational institution so that you can make well-considered decisions? Perhaps you want to work data-driven?

Maybe you already have the reports that you need, but find them too complex to use? In that case, the expertise of our BI consultant could add value to your institution!

Our BI consultant will work with you to seek answers to your questions. This will start with a clear definition of the questions that you have, followed by determining the conditions that the answers need to satisfy. The BI consultant will then collect the requisite data, evaluate the data and process the data into dashboards or reports. He’ll then draw links between data that are already known to your institution, such as information about deployment scheduling and facilities. Making these links allows the data to be interpreted correctly, delivering valuable information. Our consultant will then show you how to use the dashboards and reports to make and justify strategic or tactical decisions, ultimately leading to process optimisation.

Business Intelligence is about more than just data, and also includes human factors. For the process to be successful, it is important to create as much support as possible within your institution. Our BI consultant will take this into account.

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