Kees van Wijngaarden

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I have been working in higher education in the Netherlands for the whole of my career. I started as an educational advisor at a faculty at TU Delft and increasingly focused on processes that support education. This started with the study follow-up process but ultimately extended my focus to the MBO. I then got to sink my teeth into the entire enrolment process by becoming involved in the development of Studielink from the very outset. What then drew my attention was the enrolment process for international students, and I worked with the institution to develop and implement a new system.

In more recent years, I have begun to involve myself more and more in planning and scheduling. It’s a very interesting area that involves lots of information and people. I am also interested in business and management information. It’s extremely exciting to convert information from systems into facts that can be used to steer an organisation towards better processes and an improved end product.

My strength is mostly in analysis and working through problems and processes. Problems are usually more complex than people think, but often require fairly simple solutions. In some cases, those solutions are obvious, but there is often more to them than meets the eye. I like to use my creativity to work with clients to find the right solutions, and then assist them in implementing them.

Kees van Wijngaarden. Senior Consultant Onderwijslogistiek

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