What is EduViewz?

EduViewz is an online service that offers insight into your processes and performances. It allows you to steer an organisation on the basis of data. This is achieved by visualising data on user-friendly dashboards. EduViewz is a low-threshold service developed on the basis of many years of experience and knowledge of education and educational logistics.

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It starts with data

Data are inextricably linked to everything that we do. In educational logistics too, we use and generate large volumes of data. Some examples include:

  • HR systems log contract hours and leave days
  • Financial systems contain information about costs, revenues and obligations at all levels
  • Student administration systems contain basic information about students, geographical data and information such as that about intake and turnover
  • The schedules compiled and maintained in scheduling applications are based on a wealth of information, including the availability of teaching rooms, education programmes available and the composition of teaching groups


Data are the new gold. That’s not a new insight, but it’s not yet a universally commonplace one. Bear in mind that data generated by the systems mentioned above are often already available to educational institutions – they just need to be ‘mined’, linked and interpreted. There is broad consensus about the value potential of data, both in science and in professional domains.

EduViewz has been developed as a straightforward, low-threshold means of supplying data. There’s no need for complex links, although they can be established if there’s a need. You start by simply providing Excel exports, then let EduViewz do the rest.

Is it secure?

You might be concerned about the security of your data. Senz Interim will always discuss the data that you will be asked to provide with you. We do not need data that will not contribute to the insights that we require. In most cases, we don’t need personal data either, which means that the GDPR does not apply.

We store the data that you provide in a secure and reputable cloud environment. End users of dashboards never have direct access to the data.

Schematically, it looks like this:

And then?

Once we have the data and you have told us how certain data need to be interpreted (no two organisations use a system in the same way), all you need to do is log in to the secure EduViewz environment. We provide dashboards that answer all manner of questions from different aspects of educational logistics. In some cases, you may see that we have expanded a dashboard – as we work with multiple educational institutions, you can benefit from the ideas and expansions offered by your colleagues.

Some examples

Compare contract hours to scheduled hours, whether past, present or future:

Or see the distribution of different teaching methods:

And check whether the number of movements for each teaching group is within the limits, fully up to date:

Or the number of students at a certain location during teaching hours:

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