Senz Interim was founded in November 2014. It is a relatively young business, but one that is firmly rooted in many years of experience gained in educational institutions, with assignments in information management, educational logistics, multidisciplinary collaboration and competence management. Senz Interim has a broad business basis with specialist knowledge.

Quick scan

Give Senz Interim a glimpse into your planning and scheduling process. We have developed a ‘quick scan’ specifically for this purpose, which can quickly and efficiently analyse your planning and scheduling process. It is a reflection tool, offering you answers to questions such as:

  • Where are the opportunities?
  • How can we capitalise on these opportunities?
  • Where do we need to develop?
  • What are the strengths of the process?

We will discuss the results with you and, if desired, we can provide support with laying out and safeguarding actions for improvement throughout the educational logistics process within your institution.

Organisational advice

Educational logistics comprises numerous chains, each with its own place in an organisation. All of these chains share one thing in common, they roughly consist of three elements:

  • Employees
  • Processes
  • Systems

Although one cannot work without the other, experience suggests that one may, on occasion, develop more quickly than another. This leads to educational institutions employing different experts, each with their own expertise, to advise the organisation on its employees, processes or systems.

Scheduling process

The ideal schedule for both the student and teacher, and at the same time deployment of the resources available in the most efficient way possible. It sounds like a utopia! After all, scheduling is not a straightforward task and depends on a great many factors. The entire scheduling process is replete with questions, such as:

  • Is the software that we’re using sufficient and being used to the maximum?
  • How can we meet the increasing demand for facilities?
  • How can integral collaboration throughout the scheduling process be improved?

Short-term support

Even if you only need short-term, temporary support in the form of a scheduler/education planner or advisor, we can help.

We provide support on location or remotely.

Information management

Thorough data analysis is essential when it comes to steering the planning and scheduling process. Knowledge is power. The planning and scheduling process involves considerable data exchange between different departments, processes and systems.

Did you know that the data in your scheduling files can tell you a lot about aspects such as room occupancy? This includes peak times as well as the the types of rooms requested most frequently and those that are seldom used. Their use and the number of students in a room can also be derived from the data. With this information, you can then go on to calculate the total area of teaching space that you need for each programme.

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With the advent of e-learning and distance learning, smarter investment in facilities is becoming increasingly important. Where once the number of student enrolments would quickly determine the facilities needed, things are now somewhat more complex. And it’s not just e-learning and distance learning that are driving this shift, but the ever-changing form that education takes as well. This includes smaller classes, greater access to individual learning and different forms of education.

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