Module: Roostering

maandag 06 november

An important destination for the planning and scheduling process! As a scheduler, you are an important executor for the product that students and teachers ultimately see. This is a role that often remains hidden, but that is nevertheless essential to the process. When compiling draft schedules and delivering final schedules, the scheduler needs to fit together the puzzle that comprises teacher availability, student attendance, facilities and class order. This is not always straightforward and changes need to be considered as education is always in a state of flux.

As a scheduler, you are in constant dialogue with education so that you can create appropriate and desirable schedules. This is not always without difficulty. By taking a proactive instead of reactive approach, we can ensure that students’ and teachers’ needs are taken into account, without increasing your own workload.

In this module, we will use practical examples to work through topics such as communicating effectively, gaining insight into ongoing processes and preparation for information still to come.

What will we do?

In this module module:

  • We will thank about concepts that could shape the ideal schedule
  • We will assess schedule requests based on complexity, significance and consequence
  • We will look at preparing complex discussions
  • We will play around with the schedule
Time and location
06 november, 13:00 - 16:00
Participation in the workshop costs € 400per person, exempt from VAT.
Er worden geen extra kosten voor studiemateriaal in rekening gebracht.
Startling level
Beginner - Gemiddeld
Number of trainers present

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